The Best Of Gifts

It’s that time of the year again …  Christmas is about giving, and giving means shopping, and shopping means discoveries. Right ? Like, gifts you can give someone special or make to yourself later to yourself because you so deserve it. And needless to see, it’s all local-made, aka the best kind of present you could make oneself. As the Christmas market season is in full-swing, here’s an exhaustive an of all the this one needs in their live. Let’s even suggest you keep it around all year long since these goodies are not going anywhere but near you after the holidays !

The fashionista’s wishlist

Robert Atelier

The fashion label integrates tailored cuts in a soft palette into its collection while the price tag remain surprisingly affordable. For the cold season, Robert atelier also make the fullest, coziest infinite scarf you wrap your neck into.

rober atelier

The Stowe

Forget about any other designer bag, this is exactly what any lady needs: black, sturdy, stylish and handcrafted. The plus: so many different style, sizes and models. I have a clear preference for all of them.

the stowe

The Fine Print

Through its first issue, The Fine Print magazine raise the bar high reporting fashion, art, photography and innovation. Both the print and digital format are appealing and complete, gathering inspiration for the creative mind.

the fine print

Atelier B

Made in Montreal with natural fibres,  Atelier B merges a streamline design drawing inspiration from the 50s and 60s with an elevated textile craft. The mile-end store meets gallery concept-atelier is also a must-stop prime shopping destination.

atelier b

This Ilk

This Ilk makes intricately bold jewelry using  lace pattern and gold-tone metal. Each piece is handcrafted and lightweight, making a refined statement.

this ilk

The minimalist’s selection


The vegetable tanned leather slow-made line produced by Matu uses only natural material and eco-friendly techniques with high standards. The result is a line of durable, minimalist leather goods of accessories prompted for a daily usage; you will also want to look at them all day long.


Arc Jewellery

Arc Jewelry creates geometric and structured shapes casted into silver or bronze, that you will never, ever want to take off — I have been wearing my ring for 365+ days straight and it hasn’t lost its shine or charm.



Bringing together modernity and tradition, Cantin offers bags and tech cases made of wool, recycled fibers and felt and leather. All water-resistant, choc-proof and functional with classic look, your iPad or Macbook deserves the best.


For the fun pal

Feline Dion
Your favourite pun on an awesome, comfortable garment ? Taken, with a promise to make new friends.



‘’Useful objects that make you smile’’  — self explanatory and safe for your wallet !


De l’Ile

What comes to mind when mentioning handmade embroidery ? If your answer is à propos  handwork referencing your favourite things (basket-ball, ice-cream, sandwich, etc), De L’Ile these t-shirts and crewnecks are your way to go.

de l'ile

Wear it. Pass the message. Feel better already. Repeat.


Rosehound Apparel

Pin it, patch it, sew it, no limits. At this price, takes tons of this uplifting material.


The beauty crack’s low-down

Carriage 44

To put it simply, the best soaps in town, made with traditional methods with a clean, modern aesthetic. It looks as good on your skin that it does on your tray.

carriage 44


These unisex scents captivates and enthral any sense of smell. Their roll-on oil or solid formula prevents waist and the botanical perfumes are made of 100% natural ingredients. Literally to die for for.


Les Lares

Les Lares reinstate the art of luxury perfumery with an approach that is respectful to the body and the environment. High-end and eco, for the best of both worlds.

Les Lares

The artsy type / the design buff round-up


Calling itself  a wearable art gallery, Art-A-Porter combines of art and high fashion, allowing you to wear the work on artist on a garment produced in a limited and number edition. For your favourite work of art!


Raymond Biesinger Illustrations 

One of the most talented illustrator of the country, Raymond Biesinger’s posters are charged with geographical, historical and political themes, using retro imagery and mixing minimalism and maximalism in an endearing signature style. His works has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, NPR, The Guardian and many more.


Aunt Magda Ceramics

Aunt Magda’s clay sculptures explore nuances and form in a spiritual manner in delicate and delightful-looking work. Any home will radiate from using a cup, a plate or a vase of her design.

Aunt Magda

Avenue Coloniale

A serving board in-style to impress your guest, fusing function and design: the original model incorporates a slate band to indicate what being served.

ave coloniale


Store your clutter away in one of these sleek and polished wood boxes. Aren’t they oh-so beautiful ?



Your destination for all textile homeware and goods… including a tipi for your cat !


The gourmet’s delight 

Lemo Lemonade

When life gives you lemon … Lemo Lemonade takes upon a 100 years-old family recipe to build the perfect refresher, which can also be used in cocktails.


3/4 oz.

What is gin without  it’s famous tonic ? Any reason is good enough to drop the Schewps for a locally-crafted alternative, sold as tasteful a concentrate.

tonic maison

U Main 

Any cheese-lover around (insert raising-hand girl emoji right here)? What about a kit to make your own homemade cheese in order to regal yourself and impress your guests ? The process if not only simpler than you think, but also delicious !


Dinette Nationale

Self-described as a ‘factory of sweet things’. Enough said, no need to justify yourself if you go crazy.


Getrude & Rose

Pickled aficionados, rejoice: you can now enjoy the best jars in town. Hint: you will never want to eat anyone else’s kimchi.


Honey, you win!  Alveole produces localy-sourced honey, collected in beehives implemented in our urban landscape.

What are you waiting for ? Treat yourself (and others) !