The Drunk Dial: The Good and the Bad

Ahhhh, the drunk call. My arch nemesis.
Anyone who knows me will vouch for this: I am the epitome of a drunk caller. If you’ve ever seen anyone winking one eye at their phone and thought “man, they’re going to regret that text,” chances are, it was probably me. Next time, do me a favour; TAKE MY PHONE AWAY!

That being said, today, I won’t talk about my own short comings, but rather the instances where you’re the one on the receiving end of a drunk call.

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There are two types of drunk calls, and we all know, one if these is NOT acceptable.
I am talking about the late night “I love you” check in VS the aggressive nonsense call no one, I repeat, no one enjoys. Yes, yes, they’re drunk, but whether you want to believe it or not, a drunk calls speak louder than… well louder than words.

Here’s a little more about the two types of inebriated incoming calls:

The Good:
If your significant other’s out for the night and you have to get up early, usually a nice “wish you were here” call in the wee hours of the morning is not unwelcome. In fact, if I wake up to no missed calls when my SO is out, I even find myself feeling a little disappointed. If the person you’re with is calling, apologizing for waking you up, saying they miss you, and such, that is not only okay, it’s good, Right?! You are the one they’re thinking about while they’re having fun with their friends. Might as well pat yourself on the back ’cause clearly, you’re doing something right: they can’t hold themselves back from calling you in the middle of the night! Though annoying at times, it’s still cute, so don’t let it get to you; it’s far better than the alternative.


The Bad:
You’re seeing someone, they go out, and you end up with an aggressive, annoying, non-apologetic phone call in the middle of the night: Uh Oh. If you didn’t see a RED FLAG there, better double-check that your eyes are still in functioning mode. You should never be afraid to answer the phone, ever. Speaking with someone shouldn’t put knots in your stomach. If the person you are seeing makes you uncomfortable by calling you multiple times AKA not understanding the fact that you need to sleep, it’s just wrong. Drunk, late-night arguments should be illegal! If this is what you’re dealing with, know that these are traits of someone you should NOT be with. Cross to the other side of street. Hide behind a tree. Jump off the boat. Do what you gotta do, but just get away!

I have been in positions where I was afraid to answer the phone, not knowing which version of this person would be on the other end. Just know that that drunk speach they’re having is the same as the one they’re thinking while sober; they’re just able to hide it better in the light of day.

Bottom line?
Love calls = <3
Bitch calls = Take out the trash, NOW!

Thank you and goodnight.


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