Art Show Alert: J’aime Montréal (from Toronto with Love)

As a Montreal expat currently living in Toronto (please, hold your boo’s), I still yearn for the days where walking from one end of Montreal to the other while stopping at 8 cafe’s, 4 used bookstores and a microbrewery along the way was all in a Saturday’s work before snuggling up in my comfortable 2-bedroom, 2-balcony, 10-foot ceiling’d apartment that cost less than 900$ a month… But that’s neither here nor there.
I could wax nostalgic all day long about the characteristic pulse of the city. And while the coffee scene and cheap rent are nice bonuses, there’s something intangibly beautiful about Montreal that even the locals can’t quite put our fingers on – and it’s that perfect intangibility that a few local artists are going to showcase at Station 16‘s upcoming show. This Thursday, February 11, J’aime Montréal will be showcasing the works of a handful of Montreal artists, each of them expressing what being a citizen of this city means to them in the best way they know how.

First of all, please let me express how absolutely goddamn jealous I am that I cannot attend this thing, and I am fully aware that I am writing this in the hopes of living vicariously through all of you, fine readers and future show-attendees.
Let’s start off with Jason WassermanHis contemporary, comic-inspired work has graced everything from the Musée des Beaux Arts, to the walls of big shot ad agencies (BBDO New York and SID LEE), to probably a handful of stickered up laptops. WIA (aka whatisadam) will also be showing his work, although if you’re a Montrealer with a set of eyes, you’ve probably already seen it around the city, either in sticker format or maybe in giant installation format (or maybe you read his interview with us!) Both WIA and Jason Wasserman, kings of the silkscreen print, will be exhibiting their colourful representations of their favourite stomping grounds.


Plate by Marie Claude Marquis

J’aime Montreal will also be exhibiting works by Marie Claude Marquis, who has probably created my (read: everyone’s) new must-have kitchen plates, mostly because I can’t wait to explain to my new Torontonian friends what “Coliss” means after they’ve polished off their dinner plate.
Montreal’s self-proclaimed delinquent artist, SCANER will also have his works on display, and while you might know him for his wildstyles and throwups, he can also make the kind of wall-hanging art that both you and your mom will approve of.

Enzo Sarto, the creator of the beautifully subversive Idol and Future Now series’ will also have his works on display as well as Montrealer Laurence Vallieres, whose work brought her to Los Angeles and Russia before she returned back to the real motherland to create her enormously sublime animal sculptures.

Also strutting their stuff will be Jonathan Bergeronaka Johnny Crap, who you might remember from such artworks as that one of Darth Vader throwing gang signs (Seriously. Google it), along with Ryan LaBrosse, the creator of everyone’s favourite typographic map of Montréal.

And, of course, any show about art and Montréal wouldn’t be complete without 123KLAN. If i had a bit more time, I could get into their long history and their ultimate path to world domination, but long story short, they’ve basically made an indelible mark on street art, fine art (but what’s the difference, really), fashion, branding, and of course, Montréal.

Now, if for some reason all that isn’t enough to convince you to go – Go because this lineup hands down beats the lineup at Schwartz’s. Go because Myriade is probably closed by now, and Olimpico is too far. Go because Station 16 is like a 10 minute walk from Pool Room. Go because this chick’s sitting in Toronto can’t, so she’s writing about it. But really, go because you’re a Montrealer, damnit.

Visit for more information.
Station 16 is located at 3523 Boul St-Laurent.
All photos courtesy of Station 16. 

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