Puces POP – Montreal’s Finest Artists in One Church Basement

POP Montreal is often (simply) regarded as one of the year’s best music festival.  Which is amazing, yes, but it’s also important to point out the many other events that occur during the 5 day September party. One of our favourite is undoubtedly Puces POP.

Puces POP brings together local designers, artists and crafters in a pure bazaar-like setting: a church basement. Whether you love jewellery, knits, prints or just incredibly unique woodwork, there’s definitely something for you. And for those of you who, like me, have a special penchant for industrial design, well, this event is a little bit like heaven.

I’ll be honest here, pretty much every artist had some unique way to catch my eye and not once did I find myself saying: Whatever. Next. And I can be very difficult, I assure you.

That being said, there were a few the really stood out and made a lasting impression on me.

Cara Carmina – By Norma Andreu

These beautiful designs instantly remind you of Frieda Kahlo‘s work… and look, as the main subject often sporting a unibrow.   Soon after, you are reminded of the kind yet melancholic essence of Jeff Lemire‘s work (check out Sweet tooth).  Comparison are quickly put aside after a minute or so and Andreu‘s creation become this sweet art with an edge, unique and original.  Her work is available in form of prints, leggings, pillows and cell phone covers, to name a few. Cara Carmina - Puce POP

Table Wear by Katy Lemay

Mismatched earring, prints on crocheted table toppers, these designs will remind you of your grandmothers house …with a twist. Though the items themselves have the vintage look, Katy Lemay was able to revamp and modernise each of them in a unique way, giving you the best of both worlds.

Table Wear Puce POP

Raymond E. Biesinger

Trying to decide which print to purchase is probably one of the hardest things you’ll do. Biesinger‘s art is so incredibly detail oriented it will make you sit and stare at it for hours. Some prints are kept in simple black and white while others are focused on the agencement of two or three bold colours. His collection includes beautiful representations of Canadian cities, feline anatomy and representations of the Washionton Post‘s  front page.

Raymond E. Biesinger

Coloré Design

Prints and color are always fun and I say, dare to sport something unique and forceful once in a while!  Made from African and Caribbean fabrics, Coloré‘s designs look authentic, chic and and most of all, original. You can get yourself beautiful, one of a kind bow ties, bags and various other garments, which are all available on their website.

Coloré Design

This Ilk by Tamara Bavdek

Incorporating lace to otherwise common gold or silver jewellery, these pieces will instantly remind you of 60s fashion icon Edie Sedgwick. Bavdek‘s art makes a statement and that statement is: I’m original, I’m sophisticated and I’m certainly not afraid to show it. The perfect element to add to spruce up any outfit.

the ilk puce pop

Noir et Black  by Karine Lafrance

Forget Rudsak. These fun leather accessories go from key chains to wallets, blanket carriers to bags. The Montreal designer founded her company only a year ago and handmakes all her masculine-yet-gender-neutral items by carefully selecting the fabric to work with. And that’s not it, Lafrance goes beyond the accessories to offer a variety of cool designer lamps too! Slick, bold, and simple, this is exactly why the famous saying Less is More is absolutely true.

Noir et Black

Velvet Mustache by Majorie Labrèque-Lepage

I don’t care how old you are, once you get a glimpse of these fun I’m-a-teddy-bear-no-I’m-a-pillow creations, you’ll get thrown right back into childhood. Unique and adorable, these little guys come in the form of various animals, a habs player and a clown (which I would personally never have in a room I’m meant to sleep in).  A perfect, fun present for both kids and adults.

Velvet Mustache

Feature Image: Montreal artist Gredin 


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