New soft rock/surf/psych band Abrdeen Releases first EP

A new Quebec City band is set to release their debut EP and maybe it’s cause it’s a pretty perfect soundtrack to a snowy saturday morning, but we’re pretty excited about it. The band, a soft rock/surf/psych quintet led by vocalist and guitarist Meggie Lennon called Abrdeen (Yes, Abrdeen with no “E”). Lead guitarist David St-Germain (KPLR), drummer Maxime Goudreau (PÉKAN), bass player Laurence Gauthier-Brown (Pure Carrière, Victime) as well as guitar player Pierre Désaulniers accompany Lennon’s hazy yet poignant voice in a masterful waymake up the rest of the band.

The debut EP, ENDLESS NIGHTS AND DREAMLIKE MORNINGS, will be released on April 7th. To give us a little taste of what they’ve got, they released their chilled out, cozy-up-in-a-whool-blanket first single, “Secret Handshake”, on March 31st along with a quirky yet sweet music video, which directed by Antoine Bordeleau.

The band will be playing in Montreal at Turbo Haus (with Femme-Accident and Shana Falana) on May 5th.

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