Lisbon Lux Record celebrates 4 years with Compilation and Party

February 17th marks Lisbon Lux Records‘ 4th anniversary as one of Montreal’s most talked about labels. Celebrations will be happening at Matahari loft on that night, with Dylarama, Fonkynson, Das Mörtal, HWYS and visually, artist Carolane Bélanger will be showing off some of her work.  Furthermore, fans will be able to get their hands on a compilation offered by the label (you can get it ahead of time too, here, with a ticket to the event) which features some of the artists they represent.

The compilation shines some light on local talent, and gives a hint of what’s about to come in the next year. Paupière, Das Mörtal and Bronswick are all set to release records in the next few months, Radiant Baby and Dylarama will be releaing their first EP, a new single is in the works for Beat Market and many will be either on tour or playing shows in and around town.

The compilation includes:

1. HWYS – Stranger
2. Radiant Baby – Gloss and Love
3. Paupière – Elle et Lui

4. X-Ray Zebras et Bengale – Jetaimemonamourlavieestbelle
5. Beat Market – See What I Mean (feat. Aiza)
6. French Fox – Punch

7. Das Mörtal – Risking My Life (feat. Ghost Twin)
8. Le Couleur – Premier Contact

9. Fonkynson – Aquarelle
10. Kid Francescoli – Blow Up
11. Bronswick – Comme la Mer



10$ + compilation (ahead of time ici)
15$ + compilation (at the door)

Show at 9:00 pm

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