La Souterraine: It’s All About the Ladies this Friday Night

La Souterraine, a toddler in the music industry, searches far and wide for new French pop and gives visibility to new, emerging francophone artists from all over the world. How? They have a radio show in Paris, Radio Campus Paris, have built 8 compilations so far and yes, still find the time to put on events, where you can check out the new artists live.

The Divan Orange will host a much anticipated showcase this Friday. For their second Montreal show -last time having been completely sold- La Souterraine will do what they do best, introduce us to new, LOCAL artists but this time, it’s a ladies-only lineup.  Nüshu (Punk), Chârogne (Punk) and Marie-Claire (psychedelic rock), will grace the Divan stage and prove to anyone who has ever doubted it that girls too, can rock out.  Best of all, the party will continue well into the morning thanks to DJs Cheveux Longs Idées Courtes. 

Get your tickets here.

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