Dear Criminals team up with 180 students to record EP

Anyone who happened to walk by L’Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste (corner Rachel and St. Denis) last Wednesday must’ve wondered what the heck was going on: there was an INSANE lineup. Here’s your answer: Dear Criminals, the local trio made up of Frannie Holder, Vincent Legault and Charles Lavoie played 2 hours worth of music and this time, the musicians known for being somewhat of minimalists in their sound were accompanied by the École secondaire Joseph-François-Perrault choir, made up of over 180 young singers.  Quite the contrast you might say. And the result was hauntingly beautiful.

They took a few songs from their repertoire and added new arrangements, resulting in what was a perfect mix of familiarity and mystery.  The acoustics of the church added a dark captivating element that just brought everything to a whole other level. Creating an enchanting experience wasn’t all the band set out to do.  The concert was recorded and the 7 songs will be available as an EP, out November 25th.

This one hits close to home for two of the band members, having studied at the high school not so long ago themselves. Its no surprise that supporting the student’s musical endeavors is something they don’t take lightly: half of the album’s proceeds will be donated to the Fondation JFP.  We all know studying any form of art is expensive, not always supported and yet so very rewarding. And that is incredibly aggravating for us who have had the opportunity to explore any form of it. This is your chance to make a difference.

Sneak peek here:

Credit: Victoria Dimaano

Credit: Victoria Dimaano

Feature image credit: Victoria Dimaano

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