My 10 Favourite Artists from Society6

If you haven’t heard of Society6 yet, you might be a little late jumping on the bandwagon. Don’t worry too much about it, Society6 is the devil, not in its purpose, but in its addictive nature. Basically, the website offers an outlet for artists around the world to sell their work, either in traditional print form, or in a variety of other objects, from pillows to shirts to phone cases.

I cannot begin to tell you how much time I’ve spent browsing through the pages, looking for my FAVOURITE design, because it is absolutely impossible to find. There are simply too many to choose from, whether you are looking for illustrations, landscapes, portraits, patterns, or any pop culture reference. I have, however, found a few artists I tend to revolve around. So, first timer, here are 10 great artists on Society6 to guide your first buy (no particular order):


1. David Fleck
Society6/David Fleck

 Source: Society6 – David Fleck


2. Jay Fleck (No idea if he is related to David Fleck, but if so, talented family!!)

 Source: Society6 – Jay fleck


3. Hatrobot

 Source: Society6 – Hatrobot


4. Budi Satria Kwan

 Source: Society6 – Budi Satria Kwan


5. Paula Belle Flores

 Source: Society6 – Paula Belle Flores


6. Victor Vercesi

 Source: Society6 – Victor Vercesi


7. Judy Kaufmann

 Source: Society6 – Judy Kaufmann


8. Eugenia Loli

 Source: Society6 – Eugenia Loli


9. Marco Puccini

 Source: Society6 – Marco Puccini


10. Bianca Green

Source: Society6 – Bianca Green

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