NU_MTL – Daybook 01 – The Stills

Every week, hear Montreal-composed track that suits the mood.

Statue Of Sirens – The Stills [Ocean Will Rise, 2008]

Good bands have come and gone, but the music remains …  sometimes. Vivid is still the feeling of any song, anytime iTunes shuffle mode pitches my teenage years right into my ears, especially when I’m not purposely fetching songs from what seemed to me like the original Montreal indie-rock band.

Foremost, The Stills remain legendary for all alternative-rock and post-punk lovers, winning two June Awards and opening for Paul McCartney in the 2008. Here is a ballad for the end of daylight-saving time, wandering in the street covered leave as gusty winds whisper the call of winter.



The Stills — Discography

Logic Will Break Your Heart, 2003

Without Feathers, 2006

Oceans Will Rise,  2008


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