TR/ST Heats Up the Dance Floor

I’ll admit, it was a little hard to get out of the house last Saturday. With a biting negative 26 degrees, not even including wind-chill, it was hard to just roll out of bed. But if you managed to trek all the way to Fairmount Theatre, you had a wild night waiting for you. Openers Dreamboy, with the perfect entrance music, and Country, building anticipation for the main act, set the mood perfectly, even with the early thin crowd.

with both of them taking to their respective instruments for Tr/st‘s set, the main man stepped on stage strapped up in a futuristic, skin-tight suit with cut-out armpits, most likely because of the frantic dancing he’d been planning. And that he did! the artist roamed the stage, groaning pitch-perfect renditions of many of his hit songs, working up quite the sweat as he pulled the mic in close, shook the sweat from his eyes, and grinded with imaginary dancers. I honestly had to stop and read his lips a couple times to make sure it wasn’t prerecorded, but his singing was really just that good.

For sure only the die-hard fans managed to make it out that night. The crowd was well lubricated and electrified with the sound, responding exactly as you’d expect from such a set. For patrons that weren’t as familiar with Tr/st’s music, it was bound to be quite the spectacle, every body part on the dance floor thrusting to the beat, and groups of people crying out at each new song. The gloomy house music was exactly right for what might have been the coldest night of the year. Despite the deep freeze, it was completely, totally, worth it.

Check out his latest single, Slug, down below:

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