Channeling Your Inner Teen-Geek With TOPS

TOPS are a Montreal band with one the most interesting and unconventional sounds I’ve heard in a while. That is saying a lot, considering that our city covers pretty much the whole spectrum of musical inclinations, from weird to weirder, from brilliant to, well, bad.  Strangely enough, while TOPS may be difficult to pin down, their music isn’t hard to appreciate.

With homemade recordings, poppy synth, restrained guitar and drum, and a voice and sound reminiscent of classic Cindy Lauper, a TOPS song would’ve fit perfectly in a Degrassi episode. The original Degrassi, of course.  Complete with the hair, the clothes, the zits (the Zits), the moves, and the delicious drama.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do think TOPS are a band to take seriously, and a band to look out for in the underground scene. They do stand on the edge of being beautifully cheesy, yet are able to remain cool and interesting by fronting an I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude.

Formed in 2009, TOPS will shortly be putting out a second full length album, Change of Heart, and will be, fittingly enough, launching it in Montreal August 29th. You can also look for them during Pop Montreal.

Pre-order album here

Up-coming shows:

August 29th @ La Vitrola, Montreal
September 19th @ Sala Rossa (Pop Montreal), Montreal

In the mean time, here is the first single off of their new album. Homemade recordings also call from homemade videos, and aren’t those the best.

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Has only been in Montreal for a few years now, but has learned the few important lessons of never biking behind a delivery truck, never flashing loose change on a street corner, never thinking a pigeon will move for you, and never taking the metro while in a hurry. Writing is a great way to share deep and life-changing experiences like these.



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