Psych Lives Again With B-17

Psych is not dead.

No, really.   It’s funny how people tend to nostalgically listen to their old psychedelic records without ever catching on to the present-day psych trend. I’m not judging, because I’m definitely one of them. Yet every time I hear a young psych band playing, or a psychedelic approach to a song, I’m transposed to a euphoric state of mind and am immediately sold on the sound. I can’t but feel the hipness and calm and out of body experience of being stoned.

I recently fell upon a band called B-17. Formed in Toronto, by well-known members of the psych music scene in the city, they are exactly what you’d expect a psychedelic band to sound like: trippy as hell, guitar infused, and a voice that echoes into nothingness. B-17’s music is the exact definition of the impression 60’s psych has left on modern culture.

For Montreal psych fans, Psych Fest is almost upon us, and B-17 will be playing L’Esco on June 5th.

For Toronto music lovers, B-17 will be featured at this year’s NXNE on June 19th.

About Isabelle Royer

Has only been in Montreal for a few years now, but has learned the few important lessons of never biking behind a delivery truck, never flashing loose change on a street corner, never thinking a pigeon will move for you, and never taking the metro while in a hurry. Writing is a great way to share deep and life-changing experiences like these.



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