Prieur&Landry are Recording a Live Album This Saturday

Montreal grunge/blues band Prieur&Landry are taking the Quai des Brumes stage on Saturday night, and recording a live album while they are at it.  This will be  Eliot Landry and Gab Prieur‘s first album, having spent the last year playing various shows, thus making a name for themselves.

We discovered the band during the Anachronik Festival, who were opening for fellow Montrealers’ We Are Wolves¸ and we were truly blown away by their talent.  Think The Black Keys meets Nirvana, in terms of look and sound. Comparing a relatively new band to such big players is one bold statement.  But here’s an even bolder one for you: their cover of Nirvana’s “You know You’re Right” might have been one of the best ones we’ve ever heard. These guys have great potential.

Prieur&Landry will be on at 9:00pm, right after Seb&Max. The Cost? 5$ which will help finance their album.

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