POP is (almost) upon us. Start planning.

All right, here we go.  5 days of music fun is fast approaching with tons of shows to check out.  Actually, “an overwhelming amount” is a more fitting term, as it gets a little hard to grasp all that is being offered, and what you should actually go out and see.  So we’ve compiled a list of what we think are absolute must for the festival.

Again, you can grab a festival pass (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This festival is allll about running around, experiencing and discovering many artists), or purchase individual tix.

September 21st 2016

Opening Party : with dj. flugvél og geimskip + Brother May, Quartier POP, 6:00pm. Free, fun and chilled out, best way to start the festival.

Allah-Las + TOPS + Corridor, LaTulipe, 8:00pm, A little rock, a little pop, this will bring you back to all sorts of decades.

Wally Badarou + Vesuvio Solo + Lex, La Sala Rosa,8:30pm Vesuvio Solo reminds us a little of MGMT, so any fan of theirs should check this out.

The Kills + L.A. Witch, Metropolis 8:00 pm It’s an evening with Alison Mosshart. Need we say more?!


Leif Vollebekk + Erla Axeldóttir, Rialto Rooftop, 00:00AM A Little rooftop action to end your night with none other than Leif Vollebekk. Bring your lighters.

September 22nd 2016

MANNERS Bebe Buckskin + Thanya Iyer + I Shot Samo, Cagibi, 8:45PM – One heck of a transition from Thanya Iyer (light pop) to Manners (heavy), with I Shot Samo (Psychidelic rock) and Bebe Bucksin (60s rock) somewhere in the middle.

Fragile Feet + Cold Specks + Diana + Little Scream, La Sala Rossa, 9:00pm – A little groovy pop will definitely brighten your night

Jesse Mac Cormack Ohara Alexia Avina, Rialto, 8:30pm – Sexy guitars and an equally sexy voice.

Technical Kidman + New Fries + Fake Palms + Holy F*ck, Théatre Fairmount, 9:30Pm – Fans of SUUNS, definitely check out Technical Kidman.

Brown + DJ VNCE (Dead Obies), Quaie des Brumes, 10:00PM. Brown baby is still in our heads. Probably because we’ve been listening to that album on repeat all summer.

September 23rd 2016

Leif Vollebekk + Camille Delean; Rialto Rooftop, 6:00pm – Perfect to start off your night, outside.

Rodrigo Amarante +Angel Olsen + Best Fern, Théatre Rialto : Salle St. Ambroise, 9:00pm- No one enchants a crowd better than Angel Olsen.

KROY, (Album Launch) Artgang, 9:00pm – Strong beats, equally strong vocals. Get ahead of the crowd and discover this artist now.

THE YIPS +The Rising Few + Sc Mira + Po Lazarus + Bud Rice, Club Lambi,9:00pm – Po Lazarus and Bud Rice are some of our local favourites and we’ll gladly watch them over and over and over again.

Slow Down Molasses Ol’ Savannah Maybe Greys + Forest Frontier + Common Holly, Quai des Brumes, 9:00pm –There’s something very catchy about Slow Down Molasses, mixing in upbeat pop with soft, whispery vocals.

Look Vibrant Hua Li + Caveboy + Let’s Eat Grandma, Ritz P.D.B., 9:00pm – The all girl trio Caveboy can definitely get the party started

Lungbutter Drowzy + CO/NTRY + Psychic TV, Théatre Fairmount, 9:30pm – Bring on the theatrics, synth-rock band CO/NTRY is in the house. 

September 24th 2016

Kandle & The Krooks and Beyries, Ubisoft Rooftop, 6:00pm – This show is sold out, and there’s a reason for it...

T R A C E S REPARTEE How Sad + Holding Hands + Goodbye Honolulu, Mademoiselle, 8:30pm – Lo-fi garage rock is always encouraged.

Slight +Solids + Slow Mass + Mundy’s Bay, La Vitrola, 9:00pm –  For the rocker in you

High & Mighty Girlfriends and Boyfriends +Crystal Eyes + Chairs, Barfly, 9:30pm – Nothing is more intimate than a show at Barfly, and this is exacly where you’ll want to check out these bands.

Silver Dapple +Nancy Pants + free cake for every creature + Diet Cig, Ritz P.D.B, 9:00pm – Sunny rock pop at it’s best. Hello 90s.

September 25th 2016

Lakes of Canada Ky∆zMa +NŌVA + Fleece, Divan Orange, 12:00pm  A nice little brunch will be accompanied by some stellar live music.

Phoenix Pagliacci Giselle Numba One + Dynesti Williams + Donzelle, Mademoiselle, 9:30pm: The ladies of Hip hop. Bam.

Jef Ellise Barbara’s Black Space + Fredy V. : Barbara’s Black Space does Bowie / Prince Experience with Fredy V avec DJ Jef Ellise Barbara & Noah Bick spinning Phife Dawg, Piccolo Little Burgundy, 11:59pm. Need we say more?

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