NXNE Eliminates 45 day Radius Clause

Most of you might have noticed that bands who played Canadian Music Week this year were a no show at NXNE That was no coincidence. North By had induced a 45 day radius clause which basically meant, if you played CMW you weren’t allowed to play NXNE, and vice versa.  But for artists playing during NXNE, it went beyond the festivals and stated that you weren’t allowed to play in Toronto 45 days before and after the event.

As everyone can imagine, concerns were raised. The clause angered a whole lot of artists and fans alike, and some were even forced to cancel their show (The Beaches had to cancel their Rivoli appearance on Wednesday, having just played a show a week before at The Garrison). The people spoke and well, President and NXNE co-founder Michael Hollett worked with CMW‘s Neil Dixon to eliminate the blanket radius clause for 2015 and work together on this matter.

We are so fortunate to have such an engaged and vocal music community,” says Hollett. “Unintended consequences of our policy were pointed out. We are making changes that address these issues – changes that don’t hurt up-and-coming bands, and yet still protect the integrity of NXNE’s lineup.

We are happy to see this issue resolved for the strength of the local community and artists building their careers. We look forward to both of the festivals co-existing in 2015 and continuing to grow Toronto as ‘the’ music destination,” says Dixon

We can’t help to be overjoyed by this decision. Those festivals are great opportunities for artists to show off their talent and no one should be restrained to a specific event.
For those of you who still have an opinion on the matter, “Why NXNE Sucks”, is a free, public forum which takes place today, in the Regency A Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Toronto.
Image cred: www.thestar.com

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