Po Lazarus – What a Way to End the Night

On September 23rd, Po Lazarus took the stage by storm at Club Lambi and officially launched their debut album, Ways To End The Night. I walked into the venue with great anticipation,
and I was not disappointed. Their modern approach to creating music fabricated a canvas that enabled audience members to paint a story, through their own images, one melody at a time. This rather cinematic representation drew the audience closer to the stage, as if they were admiring a bonfire created by subtly textured sounds and unheard melodies. In doing so, the four piece band brought the gloomy lit stage to life one song at a time.

From beginning to end, the venue embodied a sense of togetherness, an unbreakable bond between the audience and performer. Songs such as; “Blood Cake”, “I’m Just a Man” and “If You are Alone”projected an ambiance and culture that left me feeling as if I were part of a spectacle. A spectacle that presented a sound of freedom, an escape from reality. With a high energy stage performance, coupled with segments of face pounding music, Po Lazarus leaves their fans satisfied and wanting more. That’s exactly what Po Lazarus is about; a throw-back to those days when music wasn’t about auto-tune, or sampling. It was about loud guitars, big drums and raw power. These songs let you express your anger, calm your stress, show your love, release your tears, and allow you to explode in energy.

It’s refreshing to see a local Montreal band with such talent, focus, and devotion to music.

We need more of this.

If you missed the show and you’re feeling down and out after reading this, then my job here is complete. Be sure to follow Po Lazarus and show your support, you never know when they’ll be playing at a venue near you!


About Vincenzo Mariano

An amateur historian with a passion for novels, poems, and music, ready to share his thoughts with the world. As a musician, I frequently explore Montreal bars/venues to further introduce myself with local talent. In doing so, I wish to broaden my musical vocabulary while generating new networks of communication with fellow musicians. Montreal has an abundant source of musical talent that needs to be heard by local citizens. I would like to introduce locals to this underground community scene.