NU_MTL – Daybook 08 – Braids

Every week, listen to a curated Montreal-composed track that suits the mood.


Lammicken – Braids (Native Speaker, 2011)


Repetition: A pattern used used in melodies since early music which in this case contributes to create an hypnotic, unresolved hook. Add to this pounding drums, layer of synth, master-build-up and a belting voice and it turns into an unleash-all-the-tension hymn that doesn’t provoke an attack of tachycardia. Feel free to jump on your bed defeating gloominess when BRAIDS, a band that contributed to put Montreal on the map, throws art-rock genius throws wild, colourful vibes straight into your low-serotonin levels.


Check out a soothing electronica cover my BATHS:

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