NU_MTL – Daybook 06 – Lydia Ainsworth

Hologram – Lydia Ainsworth (Right From Real, 2014)

And now I know what’s coming
I know what’s coming
The faces are turning
Meet up by your name
Time and times you sweep them by
Tears just disappear

Lydia Ainsworth certainly settled as one of the most impressive musical revelation of 2014 unveiling complex singer-composer aesthetics though am multi-faceted debut album made of a delicate mix of orchestral-pop and electronics. Bat For Lashes fans will find a comforting resemblance in her persona; everyone leave themselves drift through the cinematic cadence of this soft-synth anthem like a farewell anthem to the closing year.

lydia 2

Check out her haunted relecture of Chris Isaack‘s  Wicked Games:

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