NU_MTL DAYBOOK 028 : Brown Baby Brown

Red Hot this summer: Brown.

The trio consists of Dead ObiesSnail Kid and Jam, from K6A, Jam et P-Dox, Alaclair Ensemble (so you know, right away, it’s going to be gold). But then, add to the mix their papa, Robin Kerr.  First though: crazy family affair, right?! (how many of us could start a project with a parent, let alone a musical one?! Props.). Second: how does the father hold up to both of his sons’ powerful hip-hop style?

Answer: with amazingly sweet soulful, sometimes reggae tones, no doubt influenced by his Jamaican roots. The different vocal styles, mix in with rhythmic, often strong beats results in an original album where no two songs are the same.

We’re seriously loving this (Trust us, though we have no problem with it and enjoy some, Hip-Hop is not our forte. It’s that good.).  And it only got better after seeing them live at Le Festif! this past weekend.  But more on that later…..




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