NU_MTL Daybook 027 Aidan Knight : For The Road Of The Mind

Hailing from Victoria BC, Aidan Knight has established himself as the new light Canadian folk-rock in 2012 with the acclaimed debut album Small Reveal. Yep, that was released four years ago already. Each Other, his latest effort, is a little less of a soft-spoken state of mind, singing turmoil with a soft baritone voice and thoughtful storytelling. Oscillating between the powerfully quiet and the resounding, the 33 minutes long record feels too short from it’s wholesome intensity, elements of surprise, detailed arrangements, tranquil moments and orchestral build-ups. It is the perfect narrative for the road, as if travelling the country. This time I’m sure I won’t have the driver telling me that they are falling asleep like they often do whenever I’m in charge of the soundtrack.

aidan 2

Each Other, Aidan Knight 2016. Outside Music

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