NU_MTL Daybook 025 Seoul: A Textured Narrative

Seoul is for the most,a destination, but for band members Julian Flavin, Dexter Garcia and Nigel Ward, it is rather compelling musical that brought through through, friendship experiences and a variety of different influences. The journey resulted in I Become a Shade, a dense, eclectic and layered work, deemed one of the best that released of last year.

I think of I Become A Shade as ‘music to dance to’, which is absolutely oblivious: there is no emphasis on rhythm, no ditty-pop intention, no obvious hooks, although there is an inherent catchiness through the atmospheric shape and the moody craft: the sound stands out beautifully. The complexity of Seoul‘s soundscape makes it hard to makes put down in words, navigating into dream-pop, r&b and ambient, rock of an atmospheric nature.

Hailing from Kingston, Ontario and Connecticut, the three band members moved to Montreal in 2012 with the sole purpose of making music. Released last June, I Become A Shade took three years in the making, through which the musicians took every role from composing, texts and singing. Seoul‘s remarkable lyrics takes a significant part in the band’s craft as self-reflective stories and narratives of young adults tribulations.

seoul 3
”We’re really into Steely Dan”, I am told by the boys, a statement that absolutely ravished me. The jazz-rock band constantly pushed the boundaries of genres, structure and studio production, elements that Seoul greatly achieves with this promising first album. I am excited for the future as much I am enthusiast about the present with this album. And so, I dance.

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