NU_MTL Daybook 019 – Emilie & Ogden’s 10 000 Magical Dream

Emilie & Ogden, the think piece of Montreal talent Emilie Kahn, has released their first studio album 10 000 which features controlled rhythmic stylings laid under articulate whimsy. The ‘Ogden’ is Emilie’s harp, but while it is an inanimate object it takes its own voice and form within the music – creating a figurative anchor for Emilie’s romantic and sentimental vocals- this characteristic makes it sound balanced and disciplined. While being absolutely pretty music, 10 000 does feature interesting arrangements that attempt to capture a movement that predates and thrives is a promising release that straddles the line between passive and active listening.

10 000Emilie & Ogden
Secret City Records

-Hailey Celesse McCarthy


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