NU_MTL Day 024: Safia Nolin’s Soft Remedy To Bleakness

Some have the heartrending ability to put a precise finger on what is off. One must reckon Safia Nolin‘s gift for pinpointing exactly what hurts. With a candid straightforwardness, a rich voice of gold and a tear-it-all-down poetry (en français), Nolin’s heavy acoustic pieces from her first album Limoilou (titled after her Quebec city hometown neighborhood) blows away the kiss of contemplative life. As a result, you want to hug her to let her know you get it, and just so she can hug you back as well,mutually beneficial. Press play if you are licking some wounds (or for any other reason, good or bad). Also, winter. You need this.


About Christelle Saint-Julien

Professional writer and translator based in Montreal, Christelle compiles projects on project such as brainchild Naked Underground Montreal, literary collective Le Shindig, music, arts and sharing her passion for local culture.