Such non-sense with the eccentric Vulgar, You!

The energetic punk group Vulgar, You! is mythomaniac. Literally. Does the band really believe in what they’re saying? Or are they just enjoying themselves messing around with ambiguous answers? Heck, am I being trolled? Do they really have a manager called Joe whom they never met? (And apparently Joe, you’re fired – if you even exist). So many questions, so many left unanswered.

Fleur Coat, Joseph Carré-Merric, Oslo and Morris Onne Morricone II are the nicknames of the band members. Always wearing black masks on scene, anonymity seems to be one of their main priorities; their emphasis is on their music rather than themselves.

I met three of the band members (Joseph, Oslo and Morris) on a Sunday afternoon. Awful idea. First, I was hangover. Secondly, they were more hammered than me. And an hour late. Ugh. At 2 o’clock sharp, Joseph neurotic energy flew through the door – between you and I, he was seemingly drunk from last night’s vices – it was soon apparent that none of my questions would be truthfully answered. What followed was an amalgam of intrigue and bewilderment; a pleasant mess.

In between their metaphoric and unusual tales, I sensed a glimpse of truth. Apart from knowing each other since billions years ago, they formed the band back in 2009, Oslo used to be a spoon, frontman Joseph is an octobassist and Morris used to perform as a juggler in the subway. What’s true, what isn’t? Take it or leave it.

Fais-moi cuire fais-moi jouir (Make me roast make me cum) is the title of their debut album. They describe their music as post-viol (post-rape), i.e. dance-punk sounds that is unsettling, disconcerting and ballsy. If you have the opportunity to see them live, Vulgar, You! is really something on scene: their infectious energy will embrace your soul and all you would want to do is dance the night away, join the mosh pit, sweat yout life, scream along and become one with their music.

What’s next for the band? Stay tuned for their upcoming album, entitled Heureuse in 2015. 

Blitz of questions

N_: How was your first shows?

VU: It was sketchy. Next question!

N_: Where do guys like to hang out?

VU: Oh we don’t. Where do YOU hang out? We’re looking for a place actually.

N_: If you had to make a cover, what would it be?

VU: We don’t do cover and we don’t want to do cover. Oh, maybe Fleur would love it. He’s not here anyways.

N_: Where does the name come from?

VU: From nowhere. We were drunk.

Photo Credit: Erik Erik

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