Mangy Pride + The Damn Truth: SOLD OUT

To begin with, this was the first concert I attended at the Corona Theatre and I have nothing but kind words to say about it. The original exterior arch followed by visually stunning interior balconies and ceiling moldings just screams the word, vintage. The main balcony accompanied by a gradually sloping front section neatly draws out the grandiose stage. The lighting inside is beautiful and not garish. Above all, the sound is warm, resonant and lovely. Everything about this venue compliments the stage performance.

Mangy Pride

Mangy Pride’s transition from record to live performance was flawless. They kicked off the set with with a handful of high energy songs such as, “Watchu Can’t Do” and “Run Run Run Run” from Mangy Pride’s first demo, Mangy Pride, as well as “Mangy Stomp” and “Never Tomorrow” from the Never Tomorrow Ep. Within minutes the sold out crowd was ecstatic and in full trance with the music. It was a perfect way to get the audience acquainted with the band’s earlier pieces before introducing them to their latest works.



In honour of Montreal’s finest, the late and great singer-songwriter, Leonard CohenMangy Pride covered, “I’m Your Man”. It was well executed and it certainly made the transition from the first half to the second half of the set run smoothly.

I also want to mention something that a lot of people often overlook, and that’s lighting. The light show, I would argue, is almost as integral to the live act as the music. From my experience, the lighting certainly added to the suspense of the performance. It complimented the music and helped portray the setting from song to song. It was visually pleasing and I think it played a key role in drawing the crowd closer together.

The large video screen streaming psychedelic nature scenes behind the drum kit was an enlightening addition to the show, but definitely not a diversion to the sound coming from the stage, it simply added to the ambience. More than anything, the entire band deserves praise for sound quality, professionalism and showmanship. 

The Damn Truth

Well this band needs no introduction!

Watching The Damn Truth live is truly the best way to experience this band. They are in perpetual motion, constantly interacting with the audience and inviting the crowd to be actively involved, feeding off of their energy and delivering it back to them. That’s definitely something I look for when attending a concert. I’d rather be a part of the show than stand across the stage looking disinterested. Having said that, The Damn Truth exceeded my expectations. They are, in the simplest of terms, a great time, especially when they opened the set with two back to back hits, “Too Late” and “Pirates & Politicians”. Their dynamic mantra as a four-piece band consistently works for them and their on-stage performance certainly supports that notion.

From light taps to thunderous crashes, drummer Dave Traina, brought the music to another level by making the setlist’s instrumentation come alive. The rhythm section was tight, Lee-La Baum’s vocals were on point and the electric guitar solos, by lead guitarist Tom Shemer, were jaw dropping. Whether you were seated on the main balcony or glued to the stage, you never felt distant from the music. It was loud, in your face rock ‘n’ roll, and the audience ate it up.


The Damn Truth have evolved into an excellent venue rock band, drawing huge crowds wherever they go. It all starts with a well thought out and produced album. In my opinion, Devilish Folk is an accomplishment. The album both critically and popularly trumps the usual mid-career magazine cover-article interview. The band is in a good place, stronger than ever, and this is the best work of they’ve produced so far.

The people of Montreal, myself included, would like to thank Mangy Pride and The Damn Truth for delivering an outstanding and memorable performance.

The future looks bright, and we can’t wait to be a part of it!

Mangy Pride-Setlist

  1. Whatchu Can’t Do
  2. Run, Run, Run, Run
  3. Mangy Stomp
  4. (Slide Interlude)
  5. Never Tomorrow
  6. I’m Your Man (Leonard Cohen Interlude)
  7. I’d Like To See You Try
  8. Wage The Battle
  9. Riders Of Greed
  10. Dust
  11. Seed Of Love (Little Boy Blues – Cover)

The Damn Truth-Setlist

  1. Too late
  2. Pirates and politicians
  3. White lies
  4. Leave it in the dark
  5. Kinda awkward
  6. Broken blues
  7. Wouldn’t be lying
  8. The match
  9. Hanging on
  10. I’m lonely
  11. Heart is cold
  12. Get with you


  1. Alex
  2. I want you
  3. The money will roll right in (cover)


  1. Montreal



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