M for More, Please. – M4MTL 2014

Day 1

M started out good at Sala Rossa.  Good, but not great. There’s been quite the buzz surrounding Lydia Ainsworth lately so we headed to the venue with high hopes.  The short set (25 minutes!) was in fact, too short. We were just starting to get into her sound -electro meets classical- when Moonlight peaked it’s beautiful head, marking the abrupt end of the set. Though she managed to captivate the crowd a bit more than the previous bands,we felt as though Ainsworth wasn’t quite at her best enchanting self. Perhaps it was the set length, perhaps it was the night, but whatever the reason, we left thinking we hadn’t seen the best of this Torontonian artist could offer.

So, until next time…


Lydia Ainsworth

Day 2

If you weren’t at Club Soda on Thursday, you missed out.  First off, Le Trouble and Canailles. And I mean, really, what more could you ask for in order to start the night off strong?  We set out to see one of our favourite bands, July Talk, create their beautiful chaos on stage and we ended up really enjoying everything that lead up to their set. And we weren’t the only ones. To the point where we were a little nervous: there’s nothing worst than overselling a band to all your friends. Especially when you bring said friends out with you to a show and they are having too much fun with the opening acts. What if that was their peak of the night? Shit…

Luckily, that wasn’t the case. July Talk. Nailed. It. The energetic crowd just lost it, jumping around but always keeping an eye on Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fey, not knowing who was going to kick who next.

July Talk

More importantly though, we got to keep our street cred: Our friends just kept on saying “Holy Shit, These guys are amazing!”.  So, we thank you JT.

And a solid fist bump to M for Montreal for putting this lineup together.

Day 3

Back at Sala we were, this time to witness Dan Boeckner’s return to the venue he’d seen so many times before. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the singer, you might’ve heard of his previous bands: Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs and/or Divine Fits . To get things started, local heroes CTZNSHP and Seoul and a little Torontonian band called Moon King. All bands did an admirable job, setting the mood for the headliners of the night by getting the crowd on their feet and dancing.

But you could tell who everyone in the crowd was there to see the minute one of Montreal’s Indie Scene’s founding fathers took the stage.

Unfortunately for the band, technical difficulties peeked it’s head early on in the set and stayed present during the entire time Operators was on stage.  Fortunately for the band, no one gave a fuck.  The simple fact the trio showed up was good enough for the M crowd.  That the songs were danceable, fun and flavourful was just an added bonus.  Sala seemed intimate and we didn’t feel as though we were watching a band, we felt as though we were all partying together.



I’m sure you all will be shocked by the next statement: Thee Oh Sees killed it, Saturday night at Le National.

Yep, we knew it.

The three piece band proved to everyone that all you need is a carefree attitude and that minimal onstage set-up doesn’t matter.  No one, or at the very least, we couldn’t care less about the way they looked.  It was about the way they played and the way they made you feel. The crowd echoed our thoughts and feelings to perfection, a sweaty crowd of fans that knew every word and rocked out till it hurt.

Thee Oh Sees

Higher up on St-Denis, there was a screaming, rocking face off match between girls (at L’Esco) and boys (at Quai des brumes).  In our opinion, the boys won…. this time.

We caught a few songs from Mise en Scene, and a few more from The Muscadettes and though both rocked out impeccably musically,  we couldn’t help but notice the girls were perhaps a bit more stiff than the boys.  Most likely because their opponents, The Dying Arts, The Motorleague, Narrative Crows and Slow Down Molasses, gave it their absolute all in front of a near desolate Quai Des Brumes.  It helped that they had the  “I don’t give a fuck if there are only 2 people in the crowd, we’re going to rock out like we’re playing in front of a sold out stadium” attitude going, one that we just loved seeing.

To the point where we believe Slow Down Molasses may have been the band that everyone missed out on this year.  Their Indie Rock / Shoegaze sound transported us to our “happy place” and we can’t wait to see more of them.

Slow Down Molasses