M for Montreal 2016 Festival Guide

November is one of the most dreaded months of the year.  There’s probably one thing keeping us music aficionados from fleeing the city, and that’s the annual M for Montreal festival.  Again this year, you won’t be sorry for sticking around town: for it’s 11th time around, the festival will showcase more than 100 artists, including 30 from its Official Selection, during the course of 4 days (November 16th to the 19th, to be exact)

As per usual, your best bet to fully take advantage of the festival is to go for the full access pass, which goes for $125. Individual tickets will also be sold and for the undecided, there are a few free shows you’ll be able to attend.

Below, is where we are putting our money this year. And where you should too.

NOV 16

You can get in to both of the following shows with one ticket!

Martha Wainwright + Groenland + Joe Grass – Rialto Theater  -8:30 PM

Martha Wainwright will be presenting Goodnight City, her latest album, with the help of her friends Groenland and Joe Grass, who you may recognize from playing alongside Patrick Watson.

John Jacob Magistery + Wilsen + Aliocha – Rialto Hall – 8:50 PM

Speaking of new albums, John Jacob Magistery released their first LP, PHANTOM i / Are You Too Sensitive?, back in July, which was very VERY much anticipated. They did not disappoint. It really is, candy for the ears.

NOV 17

As tradition would have it, the place to be on M for Montreal Thursday is on St-Lo, below Ste. Cath.  What you really want here, is to spend your night bouncing from Club Soda to Cafe Cléopatre.

Free Afternoon | Leif Vollebekk + Peter Henry Phillips + Gabrielle Shonk – Red Roof – Church of Saint John the Evangelist –  3:00 PM

For your Jeudredi 5 à 7, get serenated before an otherwise crazy night courtesy of M. Vollebekk. We call it: calm before the storm.

SiriusXM Special Concert featuring Busty and The Bass + Brown + Heartstreets – Club Soda – 24h Stage – 8:30 PM

The third edition of the Special SiriusXM Concert benefiting the Garage à musique de la Fondation du Dr Julien will be on the groovy side of things with  electrosoul collective Busty and the Bass and the band that provided our official summer anthem, Brown.

 The show is presented by Exclaim! and features Broken Social Scene founding member Brendan Canning, bringing us back to Montreal’s golden musical era of the mid 2000s.

NOV 18

Let the music marathon week-end begin! Over 20 shows to check out both nights so get some Redbull.

The OBGM’s + Michael Rault + FRIGS – Savoy du Métropolis – 8:00 PM

If you are looking to completely lose control over your body, this is for you. You’ll mosh (yes, you), jump, get a little crazy and just have a good time. And yes we, too, also sometimes call them The O.B.G.Y.N. by accident.

KROY + Fjord + Ghostly Kisses – Newspeak – 8:15 PM

KROY released her album back in September during Pop Montreal and the show was JAM PACKED. Though this event is Free (so we’re expecting somewhat of the same outcome), it’s your chance to see one of the city’s Next Indie Pop Sensations. Redeem yourself, don’t miss out, and get there early.

Djette Crème de menthe + Paul Jacobs + Anemone – RIDM Headquarter – 10:00 PM

Any Ty Segall fan definitely wants to check out Paul Jacobs.  Perfect time, since it’s a free event

RYMZ + WordUP! Battles + Les Anticipateurs + Shash’U + Lary Kidd + VNCE CARTER + 13 Salopards – Metropolis – 10:00 PM

It’s all about hip hop at the Metropolis tonight.

Darcys + Bear Mountain + Guests – Fairmount Theatre – 11:00 PM

Pop duo Darcys willl perform songs off their upcoming album Centerfold.  Along with Bear Mountain, you know this will be a dance-your-little-heart out type of night

We Are Wolves DJ set + Wake Island + Hoan + Morthouse –  Quai des Brumes – 11:30 PM

More for the night owls, or a dance night cap.

 NOV 19

Franco M SiriusXM | Yann Perreau + Zen Bamboo + Corridor + I.D.A.L.G. + Pandaléon + Ponteix – Casa del Popolo – 2:15 PM

Free event, half at Casa, half at Sala, which will focus on francophone music.  You’ll be switching between both, discovering great music, exercising a little.  All around win.

Gabrielle Shonk + Liana + Men I Trust + Ghostly Kisses + Ego Death – Divan Orange, 7:00 PM

There’s quite a bit of buzz surrounding Gabrielle Shonk these days, and we can see why.  She’s got one of those strong, powerful voices, that is absolutely encaptivating.

The Damn Truth + Mangy Pride – Corona Theatre – 8:00PM

 Other than the fact that The Damn Truth is one of our favourite musicians to see live, the band’s van just exploded while on tour, resulting in them losing quite a bit of gear and other personal stuff.  So reason more to go and support one of our beloved local bands.

Beat Market + Le Couleur + Paupière – COOP les Katacombes – 9:00 PM

Paupière‘s EP is still constantly on repeat these days…and it’s been months. (WE NEED NEW MATERIAL!)

 Michael Rault + Fet.Nat + Petra Glynt + Scattered Clouds – L’Escogriffe –  9:00 PM

This Ex-Edmontonian has been making a name for himself for a couple of year now.  A nice blend of pop rock with a hint of psych.

NOBUNNY + The Cowboys + Heat – Matahari Loft,9:00 PM

It takes a lot for us to willingly go and stand in front of someone wearing a freaky bunny mask. But we love the lo-fi garage punk created by Justin Champlin.

Hot Chip DJ set – Fairmount Theatre, 10:00 PM

 We’ll go out on a limb here and assume that a Hot Chip DJ set is as fun as a Hot Chip concert itself.

Gazoline + Pif Paf – La Sala Rossa – 11:59 PM

A proper festival closing party: free, sweaty dance party.

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