Lykke Li Unleashes Her Inner Zombie in "Gunshot"

Lykke Li has released a new video for her song “Gunshot”. This is the latest single from her album I Never Learn, released this past May.

Li, who will be at Osheaga on Sunday, August 3rd at 9h55 PM (Scène Verte Garnier Fructis), appears to be a portraying a zombie lost in a post apocalyptic world.   Or just a trashy town. The video itself  isn’t particularly amazing, but it does feature the singer bustin out her epic moves. And really, you don’t need anything else as they are just mesmerizing. She appears to get repeatedly shot and killed in the video, showing off more aggressive dancing (and a little Lorde esque?).  We only wish the video would’ve been all focused on her, as “Sadness is a Blessing” was. Oh well.


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