Le Couleur: The Color of Electro-Disco-Pop

Since launching their third EP, Dolce Desir, in Februrary, Le Couleur has been making waves, and not solely in Montreal. Coming back from shows in both Toronto and New York City, we interviewed them right before their performance during La Nuit Blanche de Montréal.

 What has been the evolution through those three Eps and what does this third one represent?
Steeven: It’s obvious there’s an evolution through the years. Our knowledge has matured; we don’t hang out in the same restaurants or the same bars. These things do affect our song-writing, and any artist will say the same: everytime you release an album, you always believe that it’s your absolute best work. For us, this is the best EP we’ve done. Laurence is the thread that links everything together through her style of writing and her voice. The foundation of our sound are still the same – very electronic – but even if we’re highly influenced by 90’s house music, it will still sound like Le Couleur because of her.

How does the song-writing happen for Le Couleur?
Laurence: It’s actually a pretty good mix; they (Steeven and Patrick) create the music and come up with melodies and then I write lyrics accordingly.

Why three EPs; any chance we’ll see a full album any time soon?
Steeven: The reason behind three EPs isn’t a sexy one: it’s a money thing. We have the project of creating a full album, but in the meantime, we had a few songs that we could launch right away. It’s somewhat of an attempt to remain in the spotlight and have people talking about us. We’ll start working towards that goal really soon; we have plenty of material on the back-burner.

You just played in Toronto and New York City; how was that?
Laurence: It was sick! It went really, really well. Many believe singing in French closes up doors, but for us it’s quite the opposite. We’re not on stage with guitars, singing lyrics that are important to understand. Our type of music transposes well because it’s pop and dancy. We actually embrace the ‘French’ card because we can export it well; it’s exotic, sexy and fun. Good for us if it works with the Americans.

And now, there’s a tour in Europe and Asia coming up?
Steeven: Yes! We’ve signed with a booker in Asia, Scorched, and we’re confirmed for 2 or 3 major festivals. We’re pretty much building our tour around that. We’ll most likely be in France for the first part of May and then Asia for the end of May, beginning of June.

Do you notice a difference in the reception from the public whether you’re in Quebec or elsewhere in the world?
Le Couleur: In Montreal, the reception is always pretty good. It’s when we’re outside the city borders that it gets more difficult. We’ve never played in Sherbrooke, Chicoutimi or Baie-Comeau, but we’ve received positive reviews from our time playing in Paris or Liverpool. It comes down to should we drive 5 hours to play somewhere where there’s minimal interest, or plan for two more hours of driving and play in New York.

Favorite venue?
Le Couleur: Club Soda; it’s a favorite amongst many local artists.

Favorite bar?
Laurence: Our living room! (haha!)
Steeven: Brouhaha and Sparrow
Patrick: Datcha

Favorite restaurant? 
Le Couleur: Dong Que and Les canailles

Guilty pleasure?
Laurence: Mika
Steeven:U2 (NOT BY CHOICE – he never removed the automatic download)
Patrick: Guns N’ Roses.