Lana Del Rey is going on tour. Here's what you should expect.

Lana Del Rey is finally going on tour. Yes, you read that right! The songstress announced on Facebook that she will be hitting the road next month to perform all over North America. Included are 3 canadian cities: Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Lana has never been known for her live performances. They usually lack the haunting essence she provides through her lyrics and music. Onstage, the mysterious Brooklyn diva was said to become an uncomfortable, shy girl.

Knowing that, Lana Del Rey has no doubt worked on her stage presence and will certainly perfect it once she’s got a couple of shows under her belt.  That being said, some of her onstage quirks will undoubtedly stay, some of which are actually quite endearing.

She really really really needs/wants her ear piece.

She will thank you all for being there. And look sincere doing it.

You might very well start crying when she sings Video Games. And so might she.

A nervous laugh might get added somewhere in the middle of a song.

She may not dress to impress. Because, who cares. She’s Lana. Not Miley.

And she can belt it out when necessary.

Lana will be in Montreal on May 5th and in Toronto on May 13th.

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