Jesse Mac Cormack: The Best To Come

Jesse Mac Cormack is a prolific musician and gifted producer. A long-time runner in the local scene, the young musician has also recently been signed to the highly-regarded indie label Secret City Records, also home of hero acts such as Patrick Watson, Plants and AnimalsBasia Bulat, Thus Owls, The Barr Brothers and Owen Pallett. “It’s a huge weight off my shoulders”, with his usual disarming straightforward manners. ‘’Things have been flowing”.

The musician has released two EPs in the last year, Music for the Soul and Crush, which immediately gained attention for their raw, soulful delivery. His efforts notably led him and is band into a roll of concert and tours, in the country and oversee concerts as he is about to hit Europe for the second time. ‘’Have you ever been to Switzerland?”, he candidly asks me, as if to an old friend. “It’s beautiful”. Just like the country, there is something so pure, so striking about his spirit, and poignant about music, traits that are usually given to folk-singer of true hearts. “I make rock music”, says Jesse. “I’m trying to capture the essence of rock, and to have a rock band”. He also cites electronic music as a major influence, although we could never call his project electro-rock — far from it. “It’s an energy that captivates me”, he explains.

When not touring or recording, Jesse keeps himself extremely busy with collaborative projects, having become a sought-after producer working fellow local artists. He his notably responsible for the magic of  Emilie & Ogden, which he produced the record and also performs with.“I take projects that seems interesting to me. It’s cool, I learn a lot, it’s super creative, fun and nice. But when I’m producing, I am not writing music”, he says with a hint of  regret.

A first full-length album is still in the works, although nothing, including a release date, has been decided yet. “I don’t know yet”, confesses Jesse. “I am waiting to strike with the iron when it will be hot. I want the moment to be right”. As for the good news, a new single, “After The Glow”, was released last week foreshadowing of an a forthcoming EP for 2016. Teach us patience, Jesse.

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