Hypnotic trio Blonde Redhead to play Club Soda

Back in 2007, I discovered a band with one of those album you could listen to for hours… and a cover art you could stare at for just as long.  Blonde Redhead‘s “23” had this melancholic sound that just captivated me.  It was good to listen to while travelling, cooking, running, napping, you name it. The time was always right.

There’s always been something appealing to me about listening to a band who features both male and female singers.  Each new song brings a change in dynamics, which keeps the flow of an album interesting from beginning to end. That is one of many great things about”23″. Though Kazu Makino holds the singing torch most of the time, she’s often accompanied or replaced by Simone Pace, drummer and 1/2 of Blonde Redhead‘s twin brother duo, along with Amedeo Pace.  Both singers bring their own feel to the songs a while maintaining the bands original dreamy feel.

“23” features some of Blonde Redheads best work, namely Publisher, Spring and by Summer Fall, and the album’s title track 23. 

The band has since released numerous albums, their latest effort being “Barragan” featuring more experimental and instrumental tracks than the previous one.  Though it might not be a complete crowd pleaser, it showcases the incredible talent of the trio and their incessant need to create beyond barriers.

Blonde Redhead will be in Montreal, November 28th at Club Soda. $25

In case you were wondering, none of the members are blonde or redheads.

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