Grimes Is Now a Popstar

Funny how only two short years ago, Grimes was the talk of the town, nay, the talk of the country, even making waves in the US, who usually offer a much colder welcome to weird Canadian artists (cough***Arcade Fire).  Yes, Grimes is a weirdo, but the kind of weirdo we love, and the kind of weirdo who makes good, entertaining, catchy music.

Many of us have eagerly been waiting for Visions’ follow up to be released, and for some time now.  It almost seemed like the artist had disappeared, only to be seen once in a while at this or that event, with such and such celebrity. Last week, she released her first new song in ages:

Yep, now you’ve heard it, and now you can be as disappointed as we are. Not what we were expecting compared to the electro-synth-and-most-of-all-experimental pop we are used to. Yes, the song was meant for Rihanna, who she is now friends with, and Katy Perry, or one of those, but we want our Grimes back. And this was meant to be said with utmost respect.

To be continued, we’ll see what the album holds in store! But for now, all we want is hot-dog-dancing Grimes.

About Isabelle Royer

Has only been in Montreal for a few years now, but has learned the few important lessons of never biking behind a delivery truck, never flashing loose change on a street corner, never thinking a pigeon will move for you, and never taking the metro while in a hurry. Writing is a great way to share deep and life-changing experiences like these.



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