Fringe Festival – Your Guide to the Music

Le Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal, more commonly and simply known as Fringe, will be happening from 2nd until the 22nd of June, all over Montreal.  Whether you love comedy, theatre, burlesque or music, there’s definitely something in it for you.

If this your first Fringe experience, we suggest you get yourself a 3 show pass, which is only 28$.  That way, you’ll be able to diversify your activities and not be stressed about getting individual tickets. You can also get 6 show passes (55$), 10 show passes (85$) or go full throttle and get the Carte Blanche (250$)

If we simply focus on music (most shows are also brought to you by Indie Montreal), this is what you should keep an eye out for.

June 5th – Divan Orange

Apigeon, Girls in Uniform – 8:30 pm

Apigeon is montreal born Annie Sama’s first solo project. Her soft poetry and incredible harmonies are sure to translate into a heartfelt, hypnotic performance.

June 7th – Divan Orange

Miracle Fortress and Special Guest – 9:30pm.

Graham van Pelt is Miracle Fortress: a Montreal-based musician/producer who’s latest sophomore album, Was I the Wave has been praised by critics everywhere. Psychedelic, indie pop rock at it’s best.

June 12th – Divan Orange

Buddy McNeil & The Magic Mirrors, Pif Paf Hangover -08:30 pm

If Charlotte Gainsbourg and Franz Ferdinand ever played a show together, I might sound a little like this. If I had to pick only one show to see, it would be this one.

June 13th – Divan Orange

The Beatdown , Killawail – 9:30 pm

For your reggae/groove fix, check out this quirky, booty shaking lineup.

June 14th – Parc des Amériques (corner Rachel and St-Laurent)

Heirloom, First You Get the Sugar – 7:00pm

Your Fringe experience wouldn’t be complete without one evening spent outside, dancing and drinking at the Parc des Amériques. This is the perfect time for it.

June 19th – Divan Orange

Chic Gamine, Lakes of Canada – 9:30 pm

One provides warm, folk tunes.  The other, fun, pop and soulful songs. Both, Montreal powerhouses you will need to checkout.

June 20th – Divan Orange

Hey Ocean!, Highs, Rosie June – 9:30pm

This lineup is perhaps the most dancy, pop of them all. You’ll be sure to learn or even make up new dance moves here. (and we want to see videos. Thanks).

June 21st – Divan Orange

The Zolas, Passwords and Choses Sauvages, 8:30 pm

Vancouver band The Zolas’s song “Know in my heart” should be reason enough for you to get out to there.

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