The Fresh & Onlys – A Matter of Love

Those who know me know about my hard on for the Californian garage rock scene.  So please, let’s talk about the Fresh & Onlys.

Last Saturday’s performance LaVitrola exceeded my expectations.  I’m not one to normally review shows or be over joyed when it comes to performances, yet I’m compelled to express my love for this band.


La Vitrola, a dark & mysterious 3rd floor venue that has you thinking you’re going to die of heat and leave unhappy.  YOU’RE wrong! It was amazing, the perfect crowd and the perfect show for this ultra-cool open space venue with a second stage for seating.  Did I mention water pitchers and steps to sit on?  That’s right, I’m fancy, on nights like last Saturday when I was beyond tired and feeling parched, this was perfect.

These guys were cool as cucumbers. Tim Cohen, bassist Shayde Sartin, Wymond Miles and drummer Kyle Gibson, played to near empty room yet weren’t fazed.  It felt as though everything in their performance was catered to my needs.  The fact that only a select few of us were there to watch them play, made it seem as though I was the cool one.  It was like having them play a private a party where it didn’t matter how I looked or what I was doing. But that obviously didn’t stop me from rockin’ out on those steps.

Fresh & Onlys 1

I even made a believer out of my date that night.  Finding himself swayed by the 60s garage rock and psychedelic pop, I kept looking over at him and hearing “this is freakin’ awesome”.  In my 3 years of trying to convert him to this genre of music that excites, I had finally done it!  But what I really should be saying is Fresh & Onlys did it.  They stole both our hearts that night.

If you don’t believe me, check out their discography below:



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