Distorsion: Montreal’s new Psychedelic music festival

Created by the ‘Conspiration Psychédélic de Montreal‘, Distortion is Montreal’s new psychedelic music and arts festival and every night is produced by a different well known local organization.The festival will take place over 4 days this coming May 12-15 and will host over a dozen performances immersing concert goers into a world of psychedelic music, projection art, visual arts, and film.  Distorsion brings more to the table than just psychedelic music. It promises to showcase a rich variety of styles from shoegaze rock, to new wave,  power pop rock, post rock, to electronica and beyond. The 4 day festival will also feature a diverse collection visual arts to keep your eyes busy and your brain buzzy.
The event kicks off Thursday May 12 featuring Montrealers Happymovie, and  Pawa up First. Headlining the show is Atsuko Chiba who recently unveiled a new e.p. entitled Figure and Ground.  A dense recording that explores a very wide sonic landscape from soft dreamy through to raucous and explosive.
A late evening screening of Adam Green’s ‘Aladdin‘ will close things off. Green’s modern day re-adaptation of the classic Disney film is a mind fuck in and of itself. The film stars Macaulay Culkin, Natasha Lyonne, Devendra Banhart, Regina Spektor, Andrew Van Wyngarden of MGMT and many more.  Watch the trailer RIGHT NOW but be prepared to have your mind bent some!
Friday night’s event, co-presented by Analogue Addiction will feature garage-punk outfit Paul Jacobs & the Bathroom Scene, the fuzzy sound of New Yorkers Raccoon Fighter and Toronto psych sludge rockers Crosss. And native to Montreal psych stoners UUBBUURRUU will perform in the headline slot.
Pop Montreal will play co-host to Saturday night’s event. Dark-psych band Tonnes will kick things off followed by the massive electronic psychedelia of Technical Kidman. Next up, underground psych garage rockers  I.D.A.L.G. as well as a rare performance by shoegaze new wave alchemists The High Dials.

The party will close on sunday May 15 at L’Esco co-presented by M for Montreal. Laid out on our fine city’s concrete walkway, festival goers can fill up on pre-show BBQ before Adam Strangler takes the stage followed by Eliza and the unveiling of Chloe Soldevilla’s 60’s inspired rock project Anemone.

Our city has a killer Psychedelic scene and its awesome to see some of the best bands and people coming together to help promote it. Don’t miss Distorsion!

Montreal's Distorsion Psych Festival Announces Inaugural Edition