Dinner shows at Perfecto are just what your Monday nights need

Admit it: when you think “Souper Spectacle” (Dinner Show), couples of a certain age watching an overpriced, Vegas’ type of show with a mediocre meal come to mind. And carpet. For some reason, there’s always a carpet somewhere in there.

Well, our local home-away-from-home, Perfecto, is trying to change whatever (somewhat) misguided perception your might have about the concept and give you a weekly night to remember. Every Monday, you can check out a band, usually local, for 20 bucks, dinner and glass of wine included. If you don’t want to eat, you pay 5$, but keep in mind first dibs are given to those who pay for the full package. (Plus seriously you want to taste the food….yumm the fried duck)

Check out the full lineup.

September 28th :  Paupiere

Source: Paupiere Facebook Page,

October 5th: Choses Sauvages

October 12th: Kieran Blake

October 19th: Vaisseau d’or

le vaisseau d’or from Le Vaisseau on Vimeo.

October 26th: Taylor Hoodlum

November 2nd: Cafeine


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