Childish Gambino, Deep in the Web

Wednesday night, March 26th, the Metropolis in Montreal had the pleasure of welcoming Childish Gambino, as part of his Deep Web tour. The show was at 8pm, no opening act, and I entered the venue a little after 8 to an eager crowd chanting “Bino-Bino-Bino!!”. Which was kind of brilliant.

I discovered rapper Childish Gambino through my love of Donald Glover’s character Troy on Community, through my appreciation of Donald Glover’s stand up, and through my knowledge of Donald Glover’s writing credit for 30 Rock. Yes, this guy is extremely talented, and I must say he has the stage presence and energy (crazy amounts of energy) to back up his fame and adoration in the indie-rap-comedy community.

While I wasn’t much a fan of Camp, his first studio album, Because the Internet, his second studio album released in December 2013, is far superior in complexity and depth. And I suppose Childish Gambino is well aware of it, spending almost the entirety of the show on his newer material, having dismissed most of his previous independent work. What we have now is a rapper who’s matured into his own, who’s eloquent and driven, who’s maybe not mastered the technology oriented mise en scene yet, but who looked damn good in the thick of it.

Cheers to you Donald Glover! Already looking forward to the Childish Gambino performance at Osheaga this summer!

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Has only been in Montreal for a few years now, but has learned the few important lessons of never biking behind a delivery truck, never flashing loose change on a street corner, never thinking a pigeon will move for you, and never taking the metro while in a hurry. Writing is a great way to share deep and life-changing experiences like these.



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