Channeling your inner Tarantino character

How big a Quentin Tarantino fan are you? Die hard fan enough to dress up as one of his iconic film characters? Vous voilà servis! Save April 24th for Tarantino Night, presented by Kârma Sûta and MTL JTM at Le Tatou Bar Rock.

The venue itself reminds me of a juxtaposition of classic Tarantino sets. The bar in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn? Check. Jack Rabbit Slims? Check again.

Get carry away dressed as Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega (or Gogo Yubari, Django, Bridget von Hammersmark, Stuntman Mike, The Bride and so on – the possibilities are endless!) while three rock bands perform live on stage and a DJ rocks the dance floor.

The first band to perform is Lewis Barlot, (formely known as King Bochek), who will gives us a sexy french garage rock sound. Follows a local group, HOMA (the singer from Loose Pistons Hugo Chartrand and the magnificent Sheena Fins on the drums). The headliner band comes directly from Brooklyn: Crushed Out is a honky tonk surf rock, proto-punk, country blues, post-Americana band formed by duo Frank Hoier and Moselle Spiller.

To end the night, an almost mythological creature of the Montreal garage scene that goes by the name of DJ Sporn will make you want to dance the night away.

In the mean time, some (ear) teasing.

Where: Jack Rabbit Slims Le Tatou Bar Rock | 410 Rachel

When: Friday April 24

Time: 9pm to 3am

Tickets at the door: 10$

For more details, visit the Facebook event page here.

Disclaimer: I had so much fun organizing this event, so go find yourself a costume and come channel your inner Tarantino character! 🙂 #ShamelessPlug

Photo Credit: Frank le Pirate and Gaetan Marc

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