Bear in Heaven Release Autumn

No, not the season, silly, the song.

Bear In Heaven unveiled another track from their forthcoming album, Time Is Over One Day Old (out Aug 5th on Dead Oceans/Hometapes). This is the second track released, the first one being  the anthemic ripper “Time Between”. Though both songs preview a very beat heavy  album, “Autumn” distinguishes itself with its synth jam. With a provocative beat, textural synthesizers and unassuming but adeptly supportive bass and guitar, “Autumn” is quintessentially strong Bear In Heaven. It’s the type of song you’d listen to before heading off to battle or before playing a big game. (Maybe I’m just writing this because I watched the Soccer Finals yesterday and am still pumped because of it…)

You be the judge.

Singer Jon Philpot‘s high, smooth, strong voice is engaging as always, making you care very little about the lyrics. It beautifully complements the heaviness of the beat. True to form, the band carefully balances moments of joyful simplicity and deep complexity.

Bear In Heaven will tour across North America in support of Time Is Over One Day Old starting next month before heading to Europe in the fall. Yes, they are stopping in Montreal on September 14th @ La Sala Rossa.


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