An Afternoon with AA: booze, lots of tea and Ghostbusters

Not your typical AA member though. The infamous acronym stands for Analogue Addiction: an event booking agency dedicated to discovering and promoting new upcoming bands.

Bands who smash shit and will make you want to smash shit.”

Both from Val-David, Renard and Rémi Bergeron have known each other since forever – always crossing paths, but never really more than acquaintances until a year ago, when they worked at Rock Fest. They went for a drink together, got really wasted and had this brilliant idea of booking and promoting bands (even if they knew nothing about the industry and how it worked).

Soon after their impromptu meeting, they gathered contacts and quickly – very quickly – learned how to build their organization. Jean-Philippe Bourgeois joined the duo later on. He’s known as the organized one, helping AA to be much more detail-oriented.

The crew is still as successful as ever, planning show after show in popular venues in the Montreal rock scene. They’ve booked many bands, such as Vulgar You, Cafeïne, The Rejecters, Nobro, Les Marinellis, New Swears, Elephant Stones, just to name a few.

If Analogue Addiction is Renard (long-haired rock star look-alike), Rémi (stylish glasses with a dandy mustache) and Jean-Philippe (heavy tea drinker with tatts), who is the girl tagging along to all of their events?

Meet their official photographer, Beatrice Flynn (a charming young lady), who they met serendipitously one night while she was looking for beer. Love at first sight. Or should I say Friendship at first sight. Since that night when they shared 24 cans of Pabst, she’s been considered one of the boys, following them in their journey of partying, while making sure to capture epic moments on film.


Photo Credit: Beatrice Flynn

While my friend Erik snapped pictures of the folks at his flat, I couldn’t help thinking to myself they kind of look like a rock band themselves. I think they couldn’t agree more. After all, they’re always willing to body surf with the crowd.

Photo Credit: Lea D. Nguyen

In between cigarette breaks, a couple of beers and lots of tea, they were kind enough to answer my questions.

N_: Blue pill or red pill?

R: What pill did Neo choose?

JP: Advil Liqui-Gel.

BF: I’d choose both of them, just to see!

N_: What not to forget when we go to an AA show and what can we expect?

ALL: Happiness, love. Your happy mood, really. There’s only good vibes.

BF: The thing you HAVE to forget when you attend our event is moderation. (Laughs)

N_: If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

RB: The seventies because the punk scene was amazing.

R: The seventies, but it really depends on my vibe. Right now I’d say the eighties.

JP: In 84! The year Ghostbusters was released. You would walk down the street and everybody would chime in ‘‘Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters!” (Laughs)

N_: Where does the name come from?

R: We like analogue. We like addiction.

JP: We almost chose Analogue Agenda, but it’s not as great! (Laughs)

N_: What does the future hold for AA?

JP: We’re trying to improve our events and to showcase good bands. The key of AA is to book shows we want to see, bands we want to hear. We really believe in the emerging scene.

R: We’ve booked artists from Toronto, Boston, Texas… It’s great for them to come here and have 200 people attend an event, compared to some of their shows back home.

N_: Best place in town to eat after a show?

ALL: After? We never really eat after a show. We eat before though. We mostly go to La Rockette and eat whatever JC’s making. He’s a barman – he’s worked there for about 30 years. He cooks comfort food, you know, mom’s food. We all live far away from our respectives dads and moms, so we hang out with JC from 5 to 7. The plates are huge and it’s around 5 bucks!

N_: Where are we mostly likely to stumble upon you in Montreal?

RB: We always hang out at the sames places. The Bermuda Triangle aka Rockette Bar, L’Escogriffe bar, Le Quai des Brumes, the alley behind Le Quai des Brumes… (Laughs)

BF: If Naked Undergound Montreal readers want to see us, they can walk into L’Esco (L’Escogriffe bar). They will certainly find one of us four!

RB: I don’t even remember the day I didn’t go! Actually, I think it was yesterday. I went to another bar and I felt so out of place! (Laughs)

Analogue Addiction is definitely passionate about what they are doing and they have fun while doing so. If they could transform their passion into a full time job, they would. When I asked them if they were surprised by their success and how much they’ve grown in just one year, the answer was, without hesitation, ”Every morning”.

Do not miss an AA event by following them on Facebook and Instagram. I’m telling ya, it’s pretty wild. #mypleasure.

Photo Credit: Erik Erik

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