$7000 and a chance to play Le Festif!

Le Festif! has quickly become one of our most cherished summer traditions: a week-end of music, an opportunity to discover new talent and the fact that it’s in beautiful Baie. St. Paul is just the cherry on top of the Sundae. Though the festival is an annual event, there is something else the planning comity does during the year: Cabaret Festif de la Relève. In collaboration with DERYtelecom and SIRIUSXM, the team puts on a series of shows, which ends up being more of  a contest really, which aims to find and shine some light on new (and unsigned) singer – songwriters.  Not only do they give the winners mad street cred, inviting some to perform at the actual festival, there’s also some money to be won ($7000 for the top prize, and up to $15 000 in prizes altogether!), to help the artists get started.  Pretty sweet deal if you ask us!

Rules are simple:

  1. Apply Before December 16th
  2. Are making your first steps into the musical world completely solo (or with a few bandmates)
  3. Be of legal drinking age by the end of January 2017
  4. Be available to make some trips to one of Quebec’s most beautiful regions.


So complicated, right? No. And just a reminder, you can sing in English, or in French, or in Franglais: there are no restrictions!

All details can be found here: http://lefestif.ca/cabaret/ .

Below, a promo done by this year’s spokesperson, Keith Kouna.

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