What’s Happening This Weekend! (Oct 15-18 Edition)

Pre-Halloween weekend is all about music with probably one of the most excited Thursdays we’ve seen in weeks! We’re still debating on where to show face because, damn, so many good options! #TheStruggleIsReal
This is what’s up this weekend!

PO Lazarus

Po Lazarus + Rogue Sundown + Alex Robshaw + Birches | La Vitrola, 8:00pm
We’ve been trying to catch Po Lazarus on stage for a little while now and we’re definitely excited to finally see these guys in action. The folk-ish garage rock band from Montreal will perform next to harder-hitting Rogue Sundown, Eclectic Alex Robshaw and smooth Birches. Quite a night this will be.

Chic Gamine + Andre Papanicolaou | Divan Orange, 8:30pm
If you’re feeling more soulful then the album launch of Chic Gamine, the retro harmony-focused five-piece should do just the trick. Accompanied by ultimate nice guy and fun musician Andre Papanicolaou, you probably won’t end-up rocking out way too hard and doing drugs and in the bathroom at 2 am, but you’ll definitely leave this venue light-hearted and happy.

Hellbound Hepcats Album Release | Petit Campus, 9:00pm
We’ve declared our love to the rockabilly trio on more than one occasion so this album launch comes to us as a sweet treat on cold fall nights! These guys know how to start a party. Doghouse Rose will be opening! Not to be missed.

Kandle & The Krooks + Ariane Zita | Fairmount Theatre, 9:00pm
Adorably cool and equally talented Kandle, backed up by her Krooks, will finally make a return to the Montreal stage at one of our favorite venues. Coming back from a Canadian tour, expect nothing less than a haunting and memorable rock experience from the two-time GAMIQ award nominated musician.

Folly & The Hunter + Laura Sauvage | Bar Le Ritz, 8:00pm
Do you understand now why we’re saying this is probably the busiest Thursday? UGH! Folly & The Hunter, another crowd favorite will make a stop in Montreal during their Canadian tour promoting their latest album Awake. And this is where I wish I could divide my body into 4 alternate realities.

World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment – Montreal Edition | L’Esplanade de la Place des Arts, 5:00pm
Mmmk. So I get terrified at the idea of staring into the eyes of somebody I know, so a stranger’s eyes is borderline torture for me. That being said, I’d be an idiot if I didn’t think the concept is enough to restore faith in the humane race. Plus, after watching the genuinely moving video of other events (here below), I’m sort of tempted to face my fears and try it out.


Perfecto’s Official Grand Opening | Perfecto, 7:00pm
After hanging there all summer, and putting out crush on this too-cool bar into words right here, the establishment will finally proceed with its official grand opening. I’d expect a whole bunch of underground A-listers to show-up. Probably where you’ll want to be seen on Friday night!

Uubbuurruu + Heaters + Sisters of your sunshine vapor | l’Escogriffe Bar, 9:00pm
Well, the psychedelic-vintage-absurd-rock vibe of Uubburruu is probably only one of the many things that render them so seriously awesome. I don’t even know what else to add. We’ll most definitely be there. Heaters and Sisters of Your Sushine Vapor will also be contributing to this already successful evening.

Vente d’atelier Plantzy | 5445 de Gaspé #332, 4:00pm
Leafs started to fall and earth is getting into frozen mode, which means you could use a some greenery in your house to preserve your sanity. Plantzy is having a sale, one that could mean the difference between the ‘kill-me-now-this-shit-season-is-never-ending’ you and the ‘I’m-so-zen’ you. You feel me?

Le Market | Artgang, 7:00pm
Feel like discovering emerging artists and young designers? You could do just that all weekend in what seems to be everyone’s new favorite venue lately. Music, Djs and a live dance performance are also to be expected from this market.


Go home you bum and watch Netflix.