Structube Launches Fall/Winter Collection

At Structube‘s Fall/Winter collection launch, no one asked for an allen key. Mismatched drawers went together like assorted antique teacups on a shelf, and nostalgic tufting dotted the backs of couches and headboards. They also gave us the classiest s’mores kits ever on our way out of the event.

This season’s collection has four looks. French Farmhouse features a neutral palette, linen looks and texture with rich acacia and mango wood. Bohemian Luxury‘s accents and pieces give the impression of being gathered from eclectic world travels. Jewel tones are paired with soft fabrics and abstract artwork. Modern Industrial is inspired by 1970s SoHo artist lofts. Raw, unfinished, reclaimed wood mixes with exposed bolts, metal and dark leather. City Living is clean and clear. Crisp lines and plenty of gloss, with tailored furniture.

Rugs in all collections are hand-woven in India, and pieces are made by artists with creative freedom. Beyond the Product, Structube‘s quick-bite web series, strolls through the vibrant culture surrounding the factory. The series tours through a king’s palace, a sweet lover’s bazaar in Jodhpur and the selection of timber used in Structube’s pieces. The idea of each found-wood piece having a one-of-a-kind aspect, with edges rounded by real human hands, is delightfully Ron Swanson-esque.

Not as delightful as meeting the classiest marshmallow in the world, but close.

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Photos by Christelle Saint-Julien

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