Round up your Girlfriends, whip out your Dream Phone: it’s Pyjama Party time!

Remember back in the day when Friday nights meant slumber parties with your best girlfriends?  You’d spend the entire week (or two) planning every detail of the night during recess, from which movies you would watch to what snacks you would get.  And when the night would finally roll around, it was PJs from the start, movie after movie playing in the background while you concentrated on the more important stuff: figuring out whether your crush liked you back.

And then, of course, the pillow fights. (HA! not really boys. We spent more time prank calling you instead.)

Good times, right? Well, Me, Myself and Montreal will try to recreate at least part of that by throwing a Pyjama Party of their own on Saturday, April 18th. The event will take place at Place-Des-Arts and will include:

-You’re very own pyjama (provided by La Vie en Rose)
-Movies all night (with Pop corn, of course)
-Various artsy workshops (including decorating your own cupcakes)
-A relaxation space (provided by Bota Bota, and some detox tea by Kusmi Tea)
-A beauty corner (provided by Mary Kay Canada)
-Morning Pilates (yes it’s a sleep over)

All of which are included in the 39$ price tag.

So i f you are looking to hang out, relax, and just spend some well deserved quality time with your girlfriends, you absolutely need to check this out.




Feature image: Me, Myself and Montreal

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