Our New Fave spot: Perfecto

So I just came back from a trip. Over there, I (unsurprisingly, tss) found myself looking for a spot to drink, which is always useful when you travel alone. I always search for that cool, hidden gem that reminds me of my favorite bar at home. That place that is equal parts stylish and  badass, with just the right amount of dirt. That place where, although feels like a comfy pair of slippers, won’t make you embarrassed to bring a date, or cry your sorrows at the bar (Not gonna lie, I totally did that). Legit. I only seldom stumble upon those kinds of bars abroad, but here, I know where they are, no matter how shitty the façade looks.


Far from me to get all the tourists of our lovely city to steal all the best available bar stools, but if I met my foreign self, I would tell her to drop by Perfecto.  Opened in July, Perfecto has already managed to become my go-to on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays… Mondays… really…  Wednesday… you get the drill. It’s that good of a vibe.


Perfect blend of modern and old-school, we’re diggin’ the cassette wall behind the bar – cassettes which are ACTUALLY played, yeah! –  but we really go for the FOOD, which is served until 2 am. Can we all now please stop doing stupid line-ups outside La Banquise? UGH! It’s time, my friend, for you to go for something a shitload more savory than poutine as your late-night snack. It’s actually also unpretentiously gourmet. K, it might not be Atkins diet kind of healthy, but we’re not even joking about the quality of it; everything on that menu is delicious.  Shush your cravings at a friendly price, and spend the leftover money on a few extra drinks. (We drink a lot at Naked Underground, but no worries, this is a judgement free zone. It’s alright if you want to use your extra bucks for your RRSP… Or something…)


Lastly, we just want to give special mention to the staff; cool, collected and welcoming. Oh and that two-sided mirror in the bathroom – extra entertainment!

Find it here: 20 Avenue Duluth E