Alvaro, My New-Found Love

Generally, I hate being pampered. Mostly because I have issues with people touching me, but there’s also the fact that more often than not, I feel like I could’ve done a better job myself. 98% of the population would kill for a free massage (mmm… k NOT a scientific stat); I’d much rather if no strangers laid their fingers on my hair, face or body. I learned this the hard way one Christmas when my entire family teamed up to give me a deluxe spa / massage package. Apparently I looked stressed (I didn’t) and I needed to treat myself (alcohol would have been juuuuuust fine). I wasn’t thrilled, but went anyway and, well… It was bad. Not only did I have a major case of the runny nose (especially while starring at floor with my face snugged in the hole of the massage bed – not my finest moment), but I felt anxious the entire time, and the whole experience left me more stressed than when I walked in, added with a touch of lavender oil smell.

Don’t go thinking that I have hairy armpits that I’m thinking of dyeing (yes, this fucked up trend is happening somewhere) and that my hair hasn’t been cut since 1997. I’m feminine and all, but I basically do everything myself (multi-talented HA!) or friends do it for me (I’m not that talented, I just have many friends).

So when I was invited for the royal treatment at a salon this week along with a dozen other bloggers, I wasn’t exactly ecstatic. That being said, it wouldn’t be fair for me to judge without trying and I ain’t THAAAAT annoyed with people so… I went.

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And I loved it!

Alvaro Salon, belonging to oh-so-warm and inviting Alvaro himself, has the same clean lines and pure décor as any other plateau-ish beauty parlor. They probably offer the same quality of services as anywhere else with very similar high-end products.

The difference is, for one, it is the first salon I’ve walked into in a while that didn’t diffuse that shitty snobby attitude. (Hallelujah!) But what truly sets them apart is how goddamn friendly they are; they weren’t strangers to me for more than a minute. And I’m talking about the whole staff here; genuinely nice people that happen to be great hair stylists and colorists. In a very short instant, I was bewildered and completely at ease with them trying to figure out what to do with that mane of mine. And I was NOT disappointed – which works out great since god knows friendly doesn’t guarantee quality, and ‘cause, well… this blog post would’ve been awkward otherwise.

Alvaro, Gabrielle (colorist-extraordinaire), Kevin (associate and hair-stylist)

Alvaro, Gabrielle (colorist-extraordinaire), Kevin (associate and hair-stylist)

I have to admit, at that point I was also wondering how in the world I hadn’t heard of this salon before since it was established by a young Alvaro 17 YEARS ago!

Nonetheless, I’m a fan.

Check the place out for yourself:

Alvaro Salon
125 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montréal, Québec H2T 2N6
(514) 274-3304

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