Sugar High

The tulips aren’t yet blooming, but with daylight savings time starting today and the winter weight we’ve put on this far (Thunder thighs alert!), it’s safe to say spring is definitely on its way.

So before we hit the ground running to shed the extra pounds, why not treat yourself for surviving winter one last time? I mean, there aren’t any better times to indulge than during sweet maple syrup season, right?

Now, do you find yourself desperately seeking to drown everything you own in this delicious liquid gold?

La Cabane Chez Jean. All the words you need to remember for now.

This sugar shack gives you the better version of a traditional meal – nothing is overdone here, no unnecessary fuss – AND it’s accessible via the Parc Jean-Drapeau Metro!
Did you get that? You can access it by public transit.

Besides the fact that the place and the views are both pretty great, the food is oh-so delightful and the sugar pie is probably the best I ever tasted. It’s light and subtle, not overwhelmingly, face-cringingly, sweet.
I feel bad saying it, but it’s better than my own grand-mother’s pie.

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Prices are ridiculously reasonable for the royal treatment of sugar shacking; $30 for adults, $20 for kids. No doubt you’ll come out rolling. That is exactly what I mean.

La Cabane Chez Jean opens March 20th until April 13th. You’ll get fit for summer rrrrrrrright after that… We believe you.