Shout Out 06: Kafein Cafe-Bar

Are you looking to do some studying? Grab a coffee? A beer? Some food? Hangout with a group of friends? You can do all of this at one amazing, adorable, little place: Kafein. Kafein serves some of the best coffee I have had in Montreal to date, and they foster one of the most amazing, comfortable atmospheres as well.

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This place is pretty much a Montrealer’s dream: Cafe up stairs, bar/ lounge downstairs! Honestly, what does Montreal love more than coffee and alcohol, I can certainly argue for those love affairs.


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This is a perfect place for any mood/ time of day. If you are just wanting to get in, get out, you can absolutely do that and grab a coffee to go; but chances are the cool artwork and exposed bricks will suck you in and you’ll be there for hours.

Kafein is always full off young, vibrant individuals, this is the ideal place to strike up a conversation over a coffee or a beer. It may just be the perfect first-date spot. Downstairs you will find couches and often a DJ playing anything from electronic to reggae depending on the day of the week.

Being right by Concordia Campus downtown, this is a total hot-spot for students to study or hangout.

Similar to the atmosphere, the food is also very versatile depending on what you are looking for. You can get a nice cheese plate to share, or a quick sandwich. The beverages (hot and/or alcoholic) are also to die for.


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This place is perfectly suited for any day, time, activity, mood, so you have no excuses! Go check out Kafien, you will be glad you did.

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